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Parts > Original Bullet-Button w/ Wrench Tool!
Original Bullet-Button w/ Wrench Tool!

Price: $25.00
Prod. Code: Bullet Button

These are the real Bullet Buttons, Not Chinese knock offs that many people are selling. Support CA small business and USA by only buying from reputable Bullet Button Dealers!

BULLET BUTTON FOR AR15 RIFLES- CA. COMPLIANT Complete with the Wrench Tool for use Outside California!

The Bullet Button is a product that allows the shooter to drop a magazine with the use of a tool. It prevents finger manipulation of the mag release, and creates a condition allowable under current individual interpretations of California law.

This does not create a detachable mag situation, but creates an attachable-fixed magazine condition. A bullet tip can be used as the tool, as can any small object such as Allen wrench, or small screwdriver. This kit comes with the Bullet Wrench for use outside California.

This button can not be used with magazines greater than 10 rounds in capacity. To do so in the state of California on an unregistered assault weapon would be a felony.

The Bullet Button installs in less than a minute, requires no gunsmithing, or cutting on any part of the rifle. The installation is not permanent, and can be reversed just as quickly.

Materials are anodized aircraft grade aluminum, and carbon spring steel wire. All parts needed to convert your standard, or Prince50 equipped AR-15 are included. 100 percent made in California, by Californians, for California shooters.

The Bullet Button has not yet been approved by the California DOJ.


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