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Buying & Selling Firearms

What does it take to Buy & Sell a Firearm in California?

Paperwork!! That's right, a boatload of paperwork! When you are Buying OR Selling a firearm in California you Must Follow the Law. Having a Licensed Firearms Dealer like OC Guns N Gear working For You is of the utmost importance.

All transactions are to go through a Federal Firearms Licensee, such as OC Guns N Gear. This is to insure that all the proper background checks and paperwork are completed. When you buy or sell through OC Guns N Gear we take care of all that for you. We have all the forms mandated by the State of California and the Federal Government.

When you sell your firearms to OC Guns N Gear, we come to you! We bring all the required forms and documents needed. You get paid On The Spot! Yes, you can ask us to take your firearms on consignment and we will be happy to do that for you too.

When we buy your used firearms we are required to hold that firearm for 30 days before we can list it for sale, BUT you don't have to wait for your money!

When you buy a firearm in California, you must complete a form called the 4473. This is completed at the time of purchase. There is then a 10 day waiting period before you can pick up your gun. Now be sure and pick it up within 30 days or you will have to start all over!!

When buying a Handgun, which is a revolver or pistol, you must possess a Handgun Safety Certificate or what is now called a Firearm safety Certificate. If you do not already have one, you then must pass a written test. Study books are available through OC Guns N Gear at no charge. Once an FSC is obtained, they are good for five years. Every handgun purchaser must also complete a Safe Handling Demonstration with that firearm prior to taking delivery.

With Long Guns, these would be rifles and shotguns, there is also a 10 day waiting period. You are now required to possess the FSC and to complete a Safe Handling Demonstration upon pick up.

Now if you are ready to Buy or Sell, call or e-mail us at OC Guns N Gear. We are Bringing The Second Amendment Home!


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